Monthly archives: June, 2016

Dolmathakia! Opa!

Dolmathakia with Quinoa

My mother in law, Toula, was a Greek immigrant who was the most amazing cook. I will never come close to her mastery of authentic Greek cuisine, but it won’t stop me from dabbling! My husband planted grapevines on the side of our house and this is where I clip my grape leaves.  Grape leaves …

Breakfast for Lunch! Banana Pancakes

Healthy version!

Who doesn’t love pancakes? This is my favorite way to make them! 1 banana. (Works best if is ripe, but not too ripe) 2 Free Range Chicken Eggs I add about 1/16th of a cup of walnuts broken up by my hand Coconut oil for cooking Local Raw honey (optional) Organic blueberries Use a mixer …