I wish I would have done this sooner!

weddingI was having a conversation with a fellow Plexus user and we both agreed that we wish we would have started our Plexus journeys sooner. If I would have started my journey before my daughter’s wedding, it would have been a much better experience for me. Instead I went the medication route. I used Xanax for anxiety. I used Elavil for migraines which did not work and made me so tired, making the wedding prep so much harder and leading me to putting on weight. I also took an inferior magnesium product that my neurologist recommended which obviously my body was not absorbing since my bloodwork showed that I had a magnesium deficiency after almost a year on it! I took more Ibuprofen than I should have and I am still healing my gut! I crash dieted because of the weight gain which in turn left me with even less energy. I cleaned cleaned cleaned and cooked cooked cooked and did home repairs preparing for visitor all with a weakened body and even weaker immune system! On my daughter’s wedding day, I was exhausted. I had to use a LOT of make-up to cover that up. I used hair extensions because so much hair had fallen out and by the middle of the wedding I had such a bad migraine that I had to take out my contacts and my hair extensions and force myself to put on a good front so I wouldn’t put a damper on my daughter’s special day. The next day I had a small party for out of town guests and had taken so much Ibuprofen and migraine medication that my day was finished by 4pm and I missed out on more activities with my out of town family. If I had been on Plexus prior to this, I believe I would have one, looked as fab as I look now (same weight, but smoother curves) and two , I would have had the energy to do what I had to do and would not have forced myself and three, I would have been able to handle the stress better and I would not have spent the next year living with the effects of what I did to my body. Please don’t be me. I was 100% convinced that I could do this with no help, with just changing my diet alone, but I was still always exhausted, tired and having chronic migraines. Don’t say later, I wish I would have tried this sooner. At first, I just noticed an uptick in energy, but after three months on the products, I am seeing my body heal. I am becoming the Kirsten I was ten years ago. Yes, I am using all of the products, but it started out with just that pink drink! There is a 60-day money back guarantee so you can actually use the products for two months and if you still think it isn’t working for you, bam, you get your money back. You can say, “what if it doesn’t work for me?” Well, what if it does?

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I am a proud Plexus Ambassador.